Valentin Cases - Cases and suitcases for mouthpieces or collector's items.

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The models below are presented as examples because they are handmade on request.
Please contact me to define your wishes and to get a quote.
Bass Clarinet mouthpieces storage case.

TESTIMONY: "The mouthpiece boxes are extremely well made. They are a great combination of function and beauty...
Los Angeles USA
Soprano Clarinet mouthpieces storage case.

TESTIMONY: ...I recommend them to anyone who wants a special container for mouthpieces."
Los Angeles USA
Valentin mouthpiece oak suitcase. A showcase for saxes, saxophones or clarinets mouthpieces.

TESTIMONY: "Valentin, Thanks a lot for the box to keep my alto and tenor mouthpieces safe! The finish of the box is really nice, great wood, very smooth, and nice interior padding. I couldn't have imagined it to be more perfect. Thanks again for a splendid piece of craftsmanship! You're an artist!! "
Luxurious suitcase in Mahogany for digital recorder
Valentin Display handmade on request.
Luxurious mouthpieces case in Mahogany with lock plated with fine gold for sax mouthpieces
A luxurious suitcase in Mahogany. Safe transport case for your mouthpieces

TESTIMONY: "Hi Valentin, Received the case, it's a very nice piece of craftsmanship, I am quite sure I will thoroughly enjoy."
North Carolina USA
Sax Mouthpiece Case in white pine wood for sax mouthpieces

TESTIMONY: "I have been looking for a case to store my special and valuable mouthpieces for years. I finally got tired of shoeboxes and socks. I just received two Valentin MPC cases ..."
Red velvet interior Valentin Case

TESTIMONY: "...and they are truly a work of art. Beautifully constructed. The red velvet interior gently and solidly display and protect my mouthpieces. I gladly give a 5 Star recommendation to Valentin and his product."
Colorado USA
Suitcase in white pine wood for 14 alto Sax or Clarinet mouthpieces

TESTIMONY: "Mon ami a trouvé le coffret superbe est très bien adapté. C`est un cadeau qu`il gardera de longues années. De mon côté vous pouvez poster mon entière satisfaction."
Valentin mpc Case in white pine wood for sax or clarinet mouthpieces

TESTIMONY: "I have just received my Valentin MPC Case. Excellent, very well built and great looking. Not only nice but my mouthpieces will be stored safely. A great buy for any sax player who cares about his mouthpieces! Highly recommended!"
Carteret FRANCE
Mouthpiece Suitcase in white pine wood

TESTIMONY: "Great materials and very fine work amazing case! thanks Valentin."
London UK
Handmade Mouthpiece Case in white pine wood

TESTIMONY: "I bought the case. It's really nice, a very fine work, it actually fits 3 necks and 6 mouthpieces (a bit tight but once the case is closed, nothing moves in it, so the pieces and necks are very safe). I really advice Valentin's cases, if anybody is interested in a fine handmade work - a pretty rare thing in today's Made in China world.
Athens GREECE"
Contact: Valentin
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